Thanks for participating in the Joint Thunder 2021.

Since 2005, AMVI has begun hosting multi nation and multi-squadron campaigns. During the course of the year we build up foreign relation that culminate in a campaign where Groups we collaborate with that share our deepest love for complex and intense level of training help
us raise the bar a little more every time.

As AMVI standard, for the whole duration of the mission all the entities such as ATC, AWACS, JTACs and ground troops will be entirely managed by humans. Every single SAM site (Allied or Enemy) will be managed entirely by human operators which will also be responsible for tasking scramble flights. Every single aspect of the campaign will be handled by AMVI. Every pilot will be assigned a precise task with detailed info. It’s in our interest to
not overcomplicate things to ensure a smooth execution and information flow. The only mandatory requirements we ask from everyone is professionalism and punctuality, which are essential to make such a campaign run smoothly.

This campaign is not a typical PvP 50 vs. 50 but it's a cooperative effort with an AI presence limited to defensive roles and a few strategic attacks.


  • Date Jun 21, 2021
  • UTC Time 19:00
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