After 11 months of intense activity, training, exams and operational campaigns, AMVI allows itself a month of summer relaxation. During the month of August the official activities will be suspended and with them the exams and certifications. However, several Pilots will continue to do business and therefore we will have our server active with an important template of the Joint Thunder campaign. Each day the mission status will be updated in this mission in the Combined Ops Mission Planner. As a Squadron Partner of AMVI you are invited to enter and organize your activity, among the blues or among the reds, at your discretion.
You are free to use air units or ground units. Please remember that all SAM status is GREEN, if you manage ground units you have to control GREEN/RED status.

Password is available if you will be registered to the event.


  • Date Aug 31, 2021
  • UTC Time 08:00
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