Multinational Operations

Reaching a new level in cooperation is our first mission. Plan and share your operations with other groups and users and contribute to the growth of the international combat simulation community.

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Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Virtual squadrons have been collaborating for two decades now and we believe this is the time to build a new standard by deepening together all available real life tactics, techniques and procedures.

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Tools for Mission Planning

ATO, ACO and SPINS are critical for air operations, we are trying to provide the community the best mission planning tools in accordance with the available real documentation.

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Mar 20, 2024

AOC Tools: New ATO and Target List

ATO missions page has been heavily reworked and a new feature for custom target lists is now available


Nov 17, 2023

Added support for DCS-DTC and DCS: TheWay

It is now possible to download files for DCS-DTC and DCS: TheWay.


Apr 22, 2023

New coalitions features and units visibility options

Added the ability to join blue or red coalitions and units visibility changed according to DCS options.


What is Combined Ops?

After almost 20 years of military flight simulation we firmly believe that what can give us the most real experience is the cooperation. This is the concept behind Combined Ops.

We always have been looking for virtual squadrons to cooperate with. Now that platforms and internet connections allow larger numbers of pilots and support units we believe the community needs a new way to meet and share experience and knowledge.

In Combined Ops we created tools for virtual squadrons to easily share their operations and register to participate in those of other groups. Also new tools designed for commands and mission planners and pilots as AOC Tools and Mission Planner are available and in continuous development. We hope to add new feature soon following the needs of our community.

What is AOC Tools?

AOC Tools is a highly intuitive web based software that reads all data from DCS World .miz files and write a downloadable PDF file that contains all information about your mission in a as real as possible format.

Designed for planners

Designed for virtual squadrons mission planners, AOC Tools allows to integrate DCS World data with other features like the ACO and Comm Plan editors.

Mission Planner Integration

AOC Tools is fully integrated with Mission Planner so planners or squadron commander can decide when the mission will be available for pilots.

AOC Tools Features

Reading DCS World .miz files to create:

  • Air Tasking Order
  • Airspace Control Order
  • Special Instructions
  • Comm Plan
  • Integration with DCS World
  • Integration with Mission Planner
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Mission Planning
Plan your mission on the map with all information you need, like your flight plan, your package, support and C2 units, ground units, Airspace Control Order, etc. Fully integrated with AOC Tools, the Mission Planner allows you to see all the information about the mission also in pdf format as written by AOC Tools.
Mission Data Card
Everything you plan will be used to build your personal Mission Data Card with in a pdf file. A4 and A5 format are available with different information to better fit the page for your needs.
Take Off and Landing Data calculation will be soon available thanks to the integration with DCSMP 2 Web Version.
CMDS Programs
You can set your programs and download your file to be loaded into your aircraft in DCS World.
DTC and future features
Our hope is to provide the pilot all features, files and information in a one software so he only has to load everything on his aircraft. We will follow the DCS World development with special attention to the Data Cartridge feature to integrate it as soon as possible. At the same time we will continue to refine the existing features.

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