1. What is Combined Ops?

After almost 20 years of military flight simulation we firmly believe that what can give us the most real experience is the cooperation. This is the concept behind Combined Ops.
We always have been looking for virtual squadrons to cooperate with. Now that platforms and internet connections allow larger numbers of pilots and support units we believe the community needs a new way to meet and share experience and knowledge.
In Combined Ops we created tools for virtual squadrons to easily share their operations and register to participate in those of other groups. Also new tools designed for commands and mission planners and pilots as AOC Tools and Mission Planner are available and in continuous development. We hope to add new feature soon following the needs of our community.
Everything about the three tools will be better explained in the next sections.

2. How can Combined Ops be useful for me and my group?

Combined Ops is mainly designed for groups needs. On the main site it is possible to share operations and manage registrations. On AOC Tools groups AOC's (mission editors/planners) can prepare the whole documentation needed and make it available for all group members through the Mission Planner.

3. How to start?

The first thing to do is obviously creating your personal account on Combined Ops.
After you signed up, you just need to find and join your group or, if you are the admin of your group, you need to create a group and invite your friends to join.

4. I have signed up and created my group, how can I manage my group members and permissions?

If you have already created your group and your friends have joined it, you can assign special roles to other group members. At this moment, you can assign Admin, AOC and Editor roles.
Group Admins - They can edit all group settings and manage group members. They can not delete the group and remove the Group Founder from Admins.
AOC members - They have full access to all AOC Tools features.
Editors - They can post and edit operations on Combined Ops main site and accept/reject registrations to the operations.
Group members - They have full access to group operations on the main site and the Mission Planner, even without registering to them. They can not edit group or operations options.

5. How can I start sharing operations with my group and/or other Combined Ops groups and members?

Once you have created your group or have been added to your group AOC/Editors, you have the permissions needed to use AOC Tools and/or to post operations on the main site.
On AOC Tools you need to upload a DCS World mission file (.miz) and your ATO will be automatically generated.
On Combined Ops main site you can create an operation and other group members or Combined Ops users can register to participate.

6. I write my mission documentation by myself, can I still use Combined Ops operations registration tool?

Yes. Instead of creating a project on AOC Tools and linking it to your operation, when you create your operation through your User Control Panel you can just link your documentation in the dedicated field Operation Custom Link.

7. How can I set my operation visibility and set it private?

When you create or edit your operation, there are 2 dedicated options to set your operation visibility: Operation visibility and Not listed. Through these options you can set who will see your operation and/or its details and make it accessible only via direct link.

8. What are AOC Tools and Mission Planner and what is the difference between them?

AOC Tools and Mission Planner have been designed with different purposes and for different uses. The concept these tools are based on is creating a full documentation about a DCS World mission and provide all participants users with it.
AOC Tools is the software that allow to create this documentation. It will be available for all AOC members of your group (mission editors/planners designated by admins). Everything created through AOC Tools will be available for all group members and participants on Mission Planner.
The Mission Planner tools can be defined as the software that allows virtual pilots, flight leaders and all other participants and support staff to plan their mission by consulting and using the documentation provided by the AOC.

9. What can I do on AOC Tools?

AOC Tools is the software used by your group AOC (Air Operations Center, commanders, mission editors/planners) to create and provide all group members with a full documentation about the mission.
Once you upload your DCS World mission file (.miz) you can edit and create full and realistic ATO, ACO, SPINS, Comm Plan and other documentation that will be available on the Mission Planner for all participants to your operation. Most of this documentation is automatically generated when you upload your mission file but a lot of properties can be manually edited to grant a full customizable experience.
You can also decide to use only a part of these features and keep it as generated by AOC Tools, for example you can create ACO, SPINS or Comm Plan only if you need them.

10. What can I do on Mission Planner?

The Mission Planner is the tool mainly dedicated to virtual pilots and other participants.
If the mission is provided by the group, all information can be viewed on the map and other sections. For example the map will show ACO, flight plans, targets, ground units and threats and everything present in the theatre of operations. SPINS, Unit Remarks and other information will also be available. Other features allow to create or edit the flight plan, calculate the Takeoff and Landing Data (TOLD), set the Countermeasures Dispensing System (CMDS), create a Mission Data Card (MDC) in A4 and A5 formats, etc. More DTC features will be available following DCS World modules development.
Many of these features are also available if you upload your own miz file or just open the map to plan a flight without a miz file.

11. Can I use Combined Ops without creating or joining a group?

Of course you can. The Mission Planner tools are available in 3 different modes: apart from opening a mission published by a group, you can upload yours or just use the map to draw a flight plan and mission details.

12. How do I have to edit DCS World missions to make them work on Combined Ops?

All DCS World missions will work on Combined Ops tools.
Some special trick are explained on the AOC Tools and DCS World Mission Editor guide that can be downloaded from the Doc section of the Combined Ops website.

13. Is there any documentation about Combined Ops tools and features?

A full Wiki is in development right now. Until it is published you can ask for support through the Contact page, email or Discord.

14. Where can I find documentation about ATO, ACO, SPINS and other files generated by Combined Ops?

Combined Ops ATO, ACO and SPINS Quick Guide can be downloaded from the Doc sections of the website.

15. How can I ask for support to set up and use my Combined Ops tools?

You can ask for support or report bugs and issues by sending a message through the Contact page of the website or joining Combined Ops server on Discord.