Dear good morning,

like every year AMVI carries out training and multi-squadron campaigns.

It is time for the annual Winter Training which involves several squadrons from all over the world who come together to carry out a training aimed at refining the harmony between the groups in view of the more complex campaign activity of the spring.

The format is the same as in the previous campaigns, each flight is tasked and has very specific tasks.

Unlike the campaign activities, such as the latest Joint Thunder, the AMVI basic school will also participate in this activity, obviously not in attack roles and in a dedicated airspace, with tasks related to their basic flight training activities.

The missions will take place on Mondays and (not always) on Thursdays on this scenario.

Availability must be communicated in advance to participate in the official missions in ATO, or you can also participate in the last but in basic training sectors.

Thank you for participating


  • Date Nov 15, 2021
  • UTC Time 20:00
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